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Sailing club Omis has long been the only desire of several enthusiasts of wind and boats. During recent history has repeatedly been attempts gathering of like-minded sailing, but the mix of different circumstances unfortunately did not stay long. Yes, it was more luck might be and Omis today could boast a tradition of over a decade as many clubs in major Dalmatian cities, and this is for us to just create a tradition.

In August of 2014 established the sailing club Omis in the form we know it today. We called it the home city to see the races where the competitors. The premises of the club consists of two containers and a part of the fenced yard and waterfront with pontoons, all within “Sports-nautical-fishing society Omis” which he co-founded the club. The fleet of 5 sailing Optimist is the us to use mainly as donations of older and bigger clubs from across the Adriatic. As donations came and boat class 420 which is used for training of adults and older children in the club. The club is funded solely by donations and membership fees.

We organize sailing school in Optimist class, through which so far has been 20-odd children. Some break but saw that it was not for them, some are there only for the summer, and some are year round full time in training. And the wind and the south in the waters of Omiš to give you our core to hard training. Children are regular and the regattas of Sibenik, Primosten, Trogir, Split, Hvar, Rabac, and on our Facebook pages to see the results given to each of them.

Between the two wars in Dalmatia was leaving the newspaper names “new era”. In an article from 1927, it is mentioned that in Omis based Marine Sports Club “Gusarin” on which the journalist says:
“Let his life be embroidered ventures and successes, and the public let him always benevolently accompanied”.

We hope that the good wishes from the last century to overcome the barriers of time and sprinkle happiness and long life, and our club, and that as many children go through the school. This will complete the children as persons and those naval skills. Will be able to boast that they are the real Dalmatians who know a lot about the beautiful sea that washes the coast of our Omis.

how to reach us

how to reach us